Reliable and Robust RWE

With our meticulous approach and deep understanding of medical data, we aim to support evidence-based decision-making and drive improved patient care outcomes.

Patient Chart Review

Our skilled professionals meticulously analyze medical records, extracting pertinent data to provide a holistic view of patient histories, treatments, and outcomes.

Medical Chart Abstraction

Our experienced team carefully reviews and abstracts key information from medical records, ensuring accuracy and adherence to industry standards.

RWD analytics

Harness the power of RWD with confidence

We transform Real World Data into valuable insights that can influence the development cycle of a product. Our team has expertise in data collection, data analysis and evidence generation that aids in healthcare decision-making.

RWE insights

Leverage our RWE services to generate actionable insights

We have the capabilities to generate RWE through analysis of RWD. RWD Analytics powered by MarksMan will help you with the assessment of quality of life, patient profiling, resource utilization, clinical outcomes, effectiveness and long-term safety.

Rare Disease Research

Prospective/ Retrospective Studies

Physician/ Patient Surveys