HEOR Services

Providing Innovative Solutions and Services Across
All HEOR & RWE Domains

  • Literature Reviews
  • Evidence Generation
  • Economic Modelling
  • Market Access
  • CER

Literature reviews

MarksMan specializes in providing high-quality end-to-end solution for all your SLR requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team has rich experience in all stages of the SLRs, right from reconstructing SLR objectives to PICOS headings, till preparing SLR report.

  • PICOS, search strategy preparing and executing, literature screening
  • Data extraction, quality assessment, report writing
  • SLR protocol preparation and registration
  • DSR, Covidence, WinBUGS/OpenBUGS, RevMan, Stata, etc.

Evidence generation

We are well-versed in evidence generation following global standards, hunting for evidence from scientific publications, conference proceedings, unpublished clinical trials, theses, white papers, government reports, patents, and various other sources of information.

  • Database search
  • Grey literature search
  • Article screening, data extraction, quality assessment
  • SLR report writing and updating

Economic modeling

MarksMan assists in development of health economic models to support reimbursements, health technology assessment (HTA) submissions, and to optimize market access strategies.

  • Decision tree model, Markov model, partitioned survival model
  • Different types of cost analysis: CEA, CUA, COI/ BOI, CBA, BMI
  • De-novo model conceptualization
  • Country-specific modeling adaptations

Market Access

We understand that successful market access also depends on real-world evidence and HEOR. Because of our breadth of knowledge, we provide services throughout the product lifecycle to ensure optimal pricing and access.

  • Market access landscape assessment
  • Reimbursement and pricing strategy
  • Payer and pricing research
  • Product assessment

Clinical Evaluation Reports

Medical devices seeking marketing authorization must submit a detailed clinical evaluation report (CER) to the regulators. Our team is experienced with preparing CERs for medical devices in accordance with the relevant guidelines, including MEDDEV 2.7/1

  • Clinical evaluation planning (CEP) and clinical evaluation report (CER)
  • Background, current knowledge, state-of-the-art (SOTA)
  • Detailed literature analysis for device under evaluation (DUE)
  • Medical device details: design, materials, mode of operation, site of use, etc