14Mar 2018

Patient Records Abstraction (PRA) is a process done manually by searching through a medical record to identify data required for a particular or secondary use. It consists of direct matching of information found in the record to the data required, but also includes operations on the data such as categorizing, coding, transforming, interpreting, summarizing, and calculating. The […]

01Feb 2018

The fifth and last union budget for the present term of the BJP government focuses mainly on agriculture and rural economy. Besides, this budget  is also promoting education and health (1). Healthcare demands a national priority status and requires allocation of more funds to deliver affordable and quality healthcare services to all. Health budget was […]

30Dec 2017

Early stage drug candidates are increasingly being recognized to have potential applications in several therapy areas; especially in case of several diseases with a similar etiology. Illnesses associated with immunology, oncology and metabolic disorders might possibly be characterized by different physiological involvement while they share a similar underlying cause. (1) Several medicines currently available as […]

04Dec 2017

Money drives human behavior so much so that it’s rarely thought about. Two-for-one or super-saver deals on anything right from movie tickets to clothing and other commodities compel the consumer and work–life choices; then why not health behavior? It’s a known fact that individuals smoke or drink less when the government increases tax on tobacco […]

25Oct 2017

Clinical trials are instrumental for health science community to test and evaluate interventions. Trials can be broadly categorized in two classes, i.e. pragmatic and explanatory; where the former are designed to evaluate the efficacy of interventions in real-life routine practice conditions, whereas the latter aim to test whether an intervention works under optimal situations. Outcomes […]

17Oct 2017

The term real-world evidence (RWE) commonly applies to data generated in non-randomized clinical trials (RCTs) in a healthcare setting, which sometimes also covers patient socio-economic data and environmental data. Irrespective of the definition, RWE offers significant advantages over RCTs that have well documented limitations, despite being recognized as the gold standard for evidence-based medicine. Today, […]

21Sep 2017

Missing data are a big concern in any research project and are often unavoidable in spite of investigators’ best efforts. Missing outcomes have two effects: reduced precision and power, and bias. Also, the loss of precision is inevitable, except the possible use of the available data; e.g. to be sure not to exclude from the […]