Value Communications

An effective evidence based product communication can help optimize reimbursement, pricing, and market access opportunities worldwide.

HEOR data is often complex and any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of valuable information can lead to poor healthcare decisions. Your best researcher in the field may not be your best communicator and that is where we come in – a strong team of health economists, epidemiologists, medical writers and graphic artists all working together with one goal to maximize your products’ commercial success.

At MarksMan Healthcare Solutions we ensure consistent and quality clinical and economic value communication based on your product’s value proposition that is backed with strong evidence.

Stakeholder Communication
Good stakeholder communication is important to the success rate of any project. Your stakeholders may include payers, clinicians, and administrators. Choosing the right communication tool to best suit each stakeholder will greatly improve the effectiveness of your communication campaign. Our experts help you make that decision and ensure delivery of quality material.

  • White papers
  • Interactive models and dashboards
  • Slide decks

Our Expertise

Scientific Communication
If you are looking to communicate your research results to a broad audience, turn to MarksMan Healthcare Solutions for your publications. As your strategic partner, we’ll optimize your messaging for your target audience.

  • Strategic publication and communication plans
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Monographs
  • Posters
  • Supplements/reviews
  • Literature reviews/alerts
  • Narrative reviews
  • Critical reviews
  • Commentaries
  • Editorial style and formatting
  • Document QC/QA