Strategic Publication Planning

Publication planning is an integral and essential component to the entire marketing plan. Publishing results and hypothesis out of research and review not only provides a valuable source of information for the scientific community, but also a powerful tool for marketers to build awareness for their products.

At MarksMan, we believe it is real when it can be read. The best, most trusted, and most accessible sources for the scientific information are the scientific articles published and referenced in medical journals. Our team at MarksMan designs well-organized publication plan which contributes strongly for successful publication. It is important to get the latest and best data in in the best journals for which early publication planning helps to ensure both goals are achieved. We promote ethical publication practices and seek for genuine publications only. 

Our services in publication planning include:

  • Choosing a journal for publication in context of impact factor, reach and rejection rate.
  • Ensuring high-quality, accurate, timely, and transparent reporting of data.
  • Publication strategy development for available data, clinical findings, audience and publishing journals.
  • Ensuring that a publication accurately reflects the authors’ involvement in the study and the authors’ interpretation of data.
  • We work with authors to ensure that a publication adheres to all applicable publication guidelines and journal.
  • We work to ensure that all contributions and funding are appropriately acknowledged and disclosed.
  • We work on addressing any editorial or referee’s comments, as required by the journal upon the manuscript submission.
  • We also assure that a publishing agreement/copyright is adhered between the author and publisher.
  • We assist in developing company publication policies to enable, establish and promote its corporate ethics and values.