Pricing Research and Value Proposition

Pricing research is an essential component in the innovation process as well as in the brand management.

We at MarksMan offer two kinds of pricing studies: first, to determine the acceptance of the product or service sold at a specific price and the second, which determines the effect of demand of different price levels. We can also monitor the parallel trade for the pharma companies. Parallel trade has a major impact on the pharmaceutical industry, especially when related to the patented product. As a result, drug companies are having their profit margins severely squeezed, due to a disproportionate shift in their sales to the countries that charge the least.

We foster pharma companies in product launch strategies depending on whether a simultaneous launch or sequential launch would support them to capitalize the market. Sequential launch can help the innovative firms maintain market shares by keeping away the commercialization of generics.

To ensure the margin from the existing market product, we can monitor the floor price and also furnish the reference pricing solutions. Our expertise at MarksMan is to assist pharma manufacturers to compare the prices of the interventions, which facilitates easy reimbursement and lead to better market access.

We also develop pricing strategies to position the intervention in the right tier to attain determined reimbursement.

Our Pricing and Value proposition services include:

  • Early advice regarding pricing and necessary data on parallel trade
  • Strategic advice during application for reimbursement and helping in the sequential launch of the product.
  • Create, optimize and evidence product value across all indications
  • Focus on quantitative price analysis giving clients strategic input
  • Maintain and enhance value over the life of the product by creating value proposition and strengthen global brands through enhanced communication and understanding.