Patient Advocacy

Several years ago, patient participation in drug approval process was uncommon and knowledge about and experience with the effects of such participation was limited. Currently, patient involvement is considered imperative in the development, review and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge on health treatments, technologies and services.

Patient advocacy groups serve as a connection point between the patient community and the company, serving to raise awareness of a disorder and possible therapies, facilitating a free flow of information, and helping to discover and address patients’ unmet needs.

We at MarksMan can assist in patient focused drug development to pharma companies by creating our very own patient advocacy groups and providing inputs during the process of drug discovery and development till the approval by the regulatory body. The advices from this group can also contribute in the development of the processes adapted by regulatory bodies. It has been observed that when market authorization submissions from pharma companies to FDA is accompanied by patient advocacy reports, rate of approval is high. 

Our Patient Advocacy Group services include:

  • Provide patient advocacy reports facilitating pharma companies gain more guaranteed and rapid approval of the product.
  • Assist life science industry in the discovery and development of new therapies and cures.
  • Help patients in taking more informed decisions and contributing towards the betterment of the society.
  • Bringing in the patient perspective provides benefits to nearly every other function within the company.
  • Guiding pharma companies towards development of the unmet needs.
  • Raising awareness of new trials and encouraging participation.
  • Understanding and managing patient expectations for the therapy.
  • Creating a feedback loop after launch to improve development of next-generation products and to refine patient support services.