Original Research Manuscript

In addition to an excellent and novel research idea, good quality writing is a prerequisite for an effective research proposal. A research proposal must address the following questions: what does one plan to accomplish, why one wants to conduct a particular research, and what methods is one going to adopt to conduct the research.

At MarksMan, we are equipped to deliver effective writing services that fulfil your expectations. We have an experienced, proficient, receptive, ethical, and talented writing and editorial team, which is committed to impactful writing. MarksMan endows its team of scientific experts through rigorous training and education on good publication practices and industry standards.

Our writers are experts in analyzing raw research data and producing original and top-quality scientific and medical manuscripts for publication in high-ranking international peer-reviewed journals. We aim for grammatical and scientific accuracy by constantly striving to bring forth the meaning of your work. We believe in value creation in the scientific community by delivering high-quality manuscripts.

Our key research manuscript writing services include:

Manuscript writing

  • Checking validity and reliability of the theory proposed
  • Drafting a crisp abstract with all the relevant information
  • Following scientific and academic language for readers
  • Designing a logical and tidy content
  • Adhering to the journal and agency requirements
  • Including graphs, figures and tables to make the manuscript more understandable and interesting
  • Ensuring the required citation style is followed

Accurate reporting:

  • Enhances the usability of published research.
  • Our resources are well versed in understanding and predicting the information that should be included in a research report to allow readers to assess the study and use its findings.
  • Guidelines such as CONSORT, STROBE, PRISMA, CARE, SRQR/COREQ, STARD/TRIPOD, SQUIRE, CHEERS, ARRIVE, and SPIRIT/PRISMA‑P are followed to report RCT, observational studies, systematic reviews, case reports, qualitative research, diagnostic and prognostic studies, quality improvement studies, economic evaluation, animal pre-clinical studies, and study protocol respectively.

Manuscript-editing services:

  • Comprehensive editing and formatting according to the guidelines of your chosen journal. We ensure that the key data or research is emphasized, and that the language used is appropriate for the target audience
  • Providing basic services, including rectifying grammar, spellings, punctuations, along with ensuring consistency, clarity, and accurate use of terms for a logical presentation
  • Aligning the manuscript as per British or American requirements and ensuring adherence to particular style manuals, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, the American Medical Association, and the American Psychological Association.
  • Proof reading and substantial editing, as per the requirement.