Market Access Landscape Assessment

Creation of value is now much more dependent on the evidence base than patient preference and marketing alone. Potent marketing strategies are constructed on a broad understanding of the rational, emotional and structural dynamics in the marketplace. Pharmaceutical companies need to better incorporate payer perspectives in drug development and commercial decision making. Increasingly strict payer evidence necessities and strong competition mean companies must develop and articulate sturdier payer value propositions.

This understanding is condensed in the Market Landscape framework, which delivers detailed insight into markets from a size, growth, key driver, unmet need and barrier perspective; what evolution is expected; and how we, and competitors, will respond.

MarksMan’s core approach offers invaluable tools for determining your product’s most profitable place in the market. Our insights are drawn from the advancement of value strategy based on in-depth understanding of HTA/P&R evidence and methodological requirements, with critical insight from payers and clinicians.

We work with pharma companies to identify and engage key stakeholders, survey the reimbursement landscape and generate value insights & messaging to help shape your market access strategy at any stage throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Our Market Access Landscape Assessment services include:

  • Addressing payer requirements in clinical development programs for novel and existing drugs
  • Identify, formulate and examine value propositions that government payers and private managed care find convincing
  • Improve pharma’s understanding of the complex payer and market access environment and what it takes to be successful in strategy and implementation
  • Providing policy and publication support
  • Evaluate market access drivers, barriers for products in development and develop recommendation for strategy and actions to undertake.