Literature Review and Evidence Generation

A review article is a stand-alone document, whose content is based on previously published data or literature. A review article may be a critical and constructive analysis of literature in a specific field, either through summary, classification, or thorough comparison. This literature is generally used to organize, evaluate, identify patterns, as well as fill any research gaps.

At MarksMan, we draw upon the articles that we review to suggest new research directions, strengthen support for existing theories and/or identify patterns among existing research studies. With qualified and experienced team of writers, we aim at an audience that not only has a fair understanding of the discipline, but also appreciates the critical assessment of ideas and arguments propped in the article. We have a designed workflow for finding and evaluating relevant material, synthesizing information from various sources, critically analyzing and effectively reporting our findings.

Our key review article writing services include:

  • Conceptualizing: We believe that a well-considered topic is more likely to result in meaningful literature. We work closely with our clients in enhancing concepts, through which we can present a topic with added clarity to the target audience.
  • Search strategy: We develop a strategy for each review topic that the client might want to review. We assist in identifying and optimizing the search feature from relevant databases (PUBMED, EMBASE, Cochrane etc.)
  • Evidence writing: A critical discussion is the core of a review article and our services focus on drawing thought-provoking critical analyses based on a thorough review of existing data
  • Logical structure: A take home message for a review article is mandatory. At MarksMan, we adopt a creative and comprehensive approach which utilizes diagrams and figures relevant to the reviewed topic to emphasize the key take-away for the readers.