Field Force Training

Field force training, comprising of high quality training procedures and learning materials, is an important determinant of the success of any pharmaceutical company. Experts at MarksMan can engage the attendees by using visually stimulating material. Our sophisticated and engaging trainings create an environment of constant learning.

Our field force services include:

  • To create dynamic multimedia content of specified trainings which are presented with a range of engaging techniques, such as, video, slide sets etc.
  • Building lasting relationships with doctors by creating value by connecting and collaborating with them.
  • A pre-program questionnaire is used to capture the needs and expectations of the participants.
  • Developing hand-outs on which the programs are based for continued learning and development.

The trainings include:

  • Product launch and information
  • Therapy basics
  • General healthcare and hygiene
  • Clinical trials
  • Latest scientific updates/healthcare technologies
  • Brand building
  • Soft skills


Click on the link below to view our sample work