Epidemiological Studies

Epidemiological studies are conducted to study the casual effects of certain agents, procedures, treatments or programs or when the investigator cannot perform a controlled experiment. These include

Cohort study: Cohort studies follow patients who are exposed to interventions to determine the incidence of the outcome.

Case-control study: A case-control study identifies individuals (cases) who have the outcome of interest and controls who do not. The exposure is compared between the cases and the controls.

Cross-sectional study: A cross-sectional study (also known as prevalence studies) measures the exposure and outcome simultaneously, although the temporal association between them is not possible.

Pharmaco-epidemiology is epidemiology applied to understanding population trends in medication use. This might include hospital discharge data, pharmacy claims data and government databases. All such databases provide information that must be pieced together to inform policy decisions relating to regulation, reimbursement and patient education.

We at MarksMan conduct descriptive studies which comprise of prevalence surveys, case series, surveillance data, descriptive analyses of the routinely collected data as well as analytic studies which comprises of cohort, case-control and cross sectional studies. We can tailor made the data collection methods and can assist in analyzing it, help in report writing and publishing the same.