Data Curation

Data curation is managing data to ensure that it fits for contemporary use and available for discovery and reuse.

For many organizations data is becoming the most valuable asset, but most of them use only a small part of the data they collect. This data can be extracted, connected/combined intelligently and efficiently for new kinds of analytics and applications. The main purpose of Data Curation is to ensure that data is reliably retrievable for future research purposes or reuse. Unlike Data Integration, which uses a top – down approach for bringing diverse data sources into one model, Data Curation uses a bottom-up and data-driven approach.

MarksMan Healthcare Solutions provides Data Curation platform that may help the ‘data rich’ firms to connect and manage their data in such a way that they can extract all of it and implement it in decision making and policy changing. We at MarksMan curate data by integrating research workflows with the digital asset management system, long-term file storage, underpinned by policy development. We provide through focused data analysis and assessment by our curators having advanced skills in analytics and data modeling. Our team is efficient to produce high-level results in a surprisingly short time.

Our Services

Data customization
Specific datasets are customized as per client’s need. We can work with almost all data types viz., excel files, pdf documents, word documents, SAS file, SPSS file, etc.

Data cleaning and semantic alignment
With our manual and personalized approach we do clearance of duplicate data entries, resolution of bogus data entries, correction of misspellings, classification of the categorical data, semantic alignment for those terms that are overlapping as well as application of standard terminology to applicable terms and checking for data to be in correct range to maintain high quality database.

Data quality control
We scrutinize new datasets and check for data integrity of all workflows.

Data extraction and data-oriented value creation
Our services assist clients to solve issues, improve operations, build new business areas and use the data accumulated through these processes to extract new areas of improvement. The service extracts and analyzes only what can be brought out from the data, avoiding the problem of preconceived ideas based on existing knowledge of the business. This data-oriented analysis brings out the true potential inherent from the data.

Transformation of the data
After curation, the data can also be delivered in the format desired by client.