Consensus Generation and Clinical Guidelines

Focus group meetings direct the decisions of many organizations, in which opinions and feedbacks on products and services are shared. These meetings follow a structured format led by a skilled moderator.

We, at MarksMan, develop and organise these focus group meetings of doctors to get the best, most-detailed information concerning the chosen subject or product. Making it a light session, we try to focus group meetings on one topic where the skilled moderator nurtures disclosure in an open and spontaneous format. We ensure that a group interaction setting allows participants to bring up points that may otherwise be forgotten or glossed over. The group interaction ensures that each topic is covered thoroughly.

Our key focused group meetings services include:

  • Presentation of the consensus achieved as PPT for presentation, narrative format, summaries, and other formats specified by the client.
  • The summary and minutes of the meeting is shared to the attendees as well as clients and are also considered for publication as per requirement.
  • We also provide an audio/video recording if required, of the meeting to avoid any miss.