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We at MarksMan offer a 48-week internship program to help students better understand the fundamentals of HEOR industry and helping them to take an informed decision about their future career. Regardless of students’ specific career goals, working with this innovative HEOR domain will provide the tools, experience and confidence that will propel interns into future success.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

C.A.R.E. Medical Store

Marksman Healthcare Comunications, a company also working in the domain of health economics, have realised that in India the constant price rise had made access to affordable quality medicine a major challenge. The problem is further aggravated by the increasing incidence of chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension etc. that demands long term therapy. Increase in medicine cost is a strong barrier to completion of prescribed treatment thereby jeopardizing the health of citizens. Access to affordable quality medicines is becoming a matter of great concern to the common man. We believe that this problem can be addressed by providing quality generic medicines to citizens at affordable price range and empowering them with knowledge needed in matters related to their health.

We at MarksMan are committed to the society and strive to become a responsible corporate citizens of the country. A strong company cannot grow without successful social and sustainable policies. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key pillar to Marksman Healthcare Communications social strategy for the upcoming years.

“C.A.R.E Medical Store” (Compliance, Affordable, Reliable and Empowerment)) is the flagship program of the the CSR arm of Marksman Healthcare Communications.