Combining backgrounds in medical communications and life science disciplines with a strong history of high profile publication, our literature review specialists provide clinical and commercial expertise and analytical synthesis to conduct unbiased systematic, or targeted literature-based research. We can support the creation of reimbursement dossiers across major markets to highlight the value proposition and cost effectiveness of a new drug versus existing treatments.

Our medical writers team leverages their clinical, medical and regulatory expertise expertise to ensure seamless clinical data management with accuracy of the drug trial and patient safety. We help formulate and put in place strategies and tactics to gain optimal market access for clinical products, ranging from development phase, product launch to post marketing and life cycle management. From clinical research to commercialization, we are facilitators with passion, drive and energy to help bring your product from concept to reality.

Our highly skilled employees, including pharmacists and specialist doctors perform case processing and are committed to meeting our client’s growing needs and acting as trusted partners.  Furthermore, our experienced MDs and PhDs provide in-depth medical knowledge needed for medical review and assessment of safety data. Our aggregate reporting team comprises healthcare professionals and physicians who are well trained and extensively experienced across therapy areas to understand the global regulatory requirements.

Our 24 X 7 Medical Information Call Center is staffed exclusively with healthcare professionals who know how to respond appropriately to reports of serious adverse events (SAEs) by investigator sites and to spontaneous reports of post-market adverse events. They are medically qualified to perform literature surveillance and develop customized, compliant responses to medical inquiries from health care professionals. They are well versed in providing accurate, consistent and concise product, disease and therapeutic area information.

Evidence Review Group (ERG) Capabilities

  • To carry out Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), secondary research, market access, evidence based medicine (EBM), and reimbursement analysis.
  • Equipped with good understanding of medical statistics and data interpretation
  • Well versed with understanding and structuring research question, literature search (search strategy by using various platforms like Cochrane, PubMed and Embase), identify and selection of relevant studies
  • Excellent in critically appraising, analyzing and interpreting data and summarizing evidence to answer specific research questions
  • Capability of conducting meta-analysis by using softwares such as Stata, winBUGS and RevMan
  • Primarily focused on disease epidemiology, cost of illness studies, quality of life assessment, resource utilization, pharmaco-epidemiology, and cost-effectiveness for Indian and International markets.