Founder & CEO

Dr. Amit DangDr. Amit Dang is the founder and CEO of MarksMan Healthcare Solutions.

He completed his M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) in Pharmacology from Goa Medical College and was the recipient of “Baba Saheb Ambedkar Award” (2010) for being the university topper. “Being the winner of national “Uppsala Award” (2008) from Society of Pharmacovigilance, India (SOPI), recipient of “Indian Leadership Award for Healthcare Excellence” (2013) from “All India Achievers Foundation”, “Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year” (2015) from “The Indus Foundation”, “Young Global leader Award” (2017) from “Global Leaders Foundation” and currently having over 30 publications to his credit in various national and international journals, Dr. Dang has always worked towards providing value-added support to the client’s business in driving the strategies through scientific & ethical approach.”

He is the convener for INMAS (Indian Medical Advisors Summit), which is first of its kind initiative that has been undertaken in India for the cause of Medical Affairs personnel to interact learn, share new ideas, best practices & case studies amongst this evolving community (Express Pharma). He has also been featured in “YourStory”, India’s no. 1 media platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated to passionately championing and promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. He is the president of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR India – Mumbai Regional Chapter) and also the executive committee member of ISPOR – India Chapter. He is currently taking active part in the changing paradigm of HEOR in the Indian context.

Dr. Amit Dang has set up MarksMan Healthcare Solutions, the first Indian born health economics consulting firm, with a goal to support pharmaceutical companies in demonstrating clinical and economic effectiveness of their products to gain market access and remain competitive in this dynamic field.

Our Strengths


  • Well-defined workflow SOPs
  • Stringent proof reading and quality reviews
  • Quality assurance and control


  • Secure communication system
  • Strict document privacy
  • Assured data confidentiality


  • Efficient project management
  • Low turnaround time
  • On-time delivery

Rich Talent Pool

  • Professional medical writers
  • Highly qualified workforce
  • Experienced reviewers quality


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